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With the advent of technology we have become addicted to it especially our social life is completely mapped within it due to revolutionary apps like whatsapp, you as a user of whatsapp look for many things that you need daily to tell your friends you are alive and one of them is sharing various whatsapp messages and whatsapp status updates.

When it comes to updating whatsapp status or sharing messages with your friends most of us look for funny, humorous statuses like hilarious jokes for whatsapp. If you are seeking for the best jokes for whatsapp then thanks to Google baba for landing you at this page.

We have stated the best and unique collection of funny status for whatsapp updates,  these jokes are the creativity of the author of this post so we hope that you will hear them first time as well as sharing these jokes with your friends wouldn’t let them send replied like “It’s old dude” or “that’s’ boring” and bla bla bla

Best Jokes for Whatsapp

Starting with some funny questions to ask on whatsapp with your friends.....

Funny Questions to Ask  on Whatsapp

Q. What you will call a blonde if she is blowing in another blonde’s ear?
A: Data transfer.
Q. You have to make 7 an even number..  can you?
A. Delete the S from 7!
A: "I was born in India."
B: "Which part?"
A: "All of me."
Q: Name a thing that goes up and down but does not move?
A: Stairs 

Nonveg Whatsapp Jokes

A newly married couple on their honeymoon night was trying to set up new password of their facebook account. The husband typed “MYpenis” and the wife was ROFL because on the screen it says, “Error. Not Long Enough.”

Jimmy brings his cat with him at schoon, principal asked- why is your cat at school today?
Jimmy started crying and said-  because I heard my dad tell mah mother, ‘ I’m gonna eat da pussy once our son leave for school today!”

Mam catches jimmy copying:
Mam: leave your answer sheet and get out right now! I wouldn’t consider anything you say
Jimmy: Nice Boobs Mam

Phone Rings Late Night:
Hubby- Honey if anyone asks about me, then say I am not at home
Wife picked and said: He is at home
Hubby shouted: WTF… are u insane!!
Wife: Shut up! It was for me

 Whatsapp Exam Jokes

Height of attempting all questions in exams:
Qust. Define Array?
Santa Wrote: Array is a slang that we use to call anyone ….. for Eg. “Array Yaar sun to jara”

Clever Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi:

Ek “Chuha” tha…
Idiot- Sala sara ka sara message he kuttur liya :’(
Warna maine to aapki tariff main puri kitab he likhdi thi


OK enough with the jokes… It’s time to share some GK things
Never forgot 2 lessons in life:
  1. If it winds leafs moves
  2. If not, they don’t move
Plz. Don’t thank me….


Cow & Cat are siblings..
Oops? Stuck behind the logic?

Don’t give your brean this pain….. lemme tell you.
Because Cow is our MATA & Billi is Mausi

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