Top Best Inspirational Quotes to fuel your life’s engine!

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If you are not able to change the direction of the winds, then adjust your sails so that you can always reach your destination

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Top Best Inspirational Quotes

Whatever a man’s mind can believe in and can conceive, the same it can achieve as well

Start by doing things that are necessary, then do things that are possible and suddenly you will find yourself doing the impossible

Don’t feel that chasing perfection is futile as during this chase you can definitely attain excellence

In this world the things most beautiful and precious cannot be touched with our hands or seen with our eyes, but they can only be felt with our hearts

Mom's logic: If a person can learn to keep his face towards the sunshine then the shadows will always fall behind him.

Always remember that it is difficulties that give birth to miracles.
Inspirational Quotes

You can either let one candle burn completely or can lighten up thousands of other candles with that same candle without shortening its life; similarly you can either keep happiness to yourself or can share it among everyone else :)

Sometimes it is wiser to let go of our planned life and to accept the one that is waiting for us instead 

When you are in a place from where everything seems to go upside down for you and you think you cannot hang on even for a minute more, that is the time when you should never give up as it is exactly the place and time when the tide will turn.

Happiness dwells neither in worldly possessions nor in gold jewels, it dwells only in our soul

Everyone loves light as it shows them the way, but try to endure dark as well as it shows you the stars

The secret of success is in putting your mind, heart and soul into even the smallest things you do

The moments of our life that seem completely dark are the ones that force us to see the light.
Never step back from taking chances as you might not succeed in chances you take but you definitely fail in the chances you don’t take.

belief on one’s purpose is the starting point for its achievement.

is only a small portion of what happens to you but a big portion of how you react to it.

 There is no fun in living a life that is without some struggle.
Don’t waste the time of your life in living a life that is not yours!

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Inspirational Quotes to fuel your life’s engine!

Winning does not matter as much as the want of winning does.

Only when you have the courage to lose sight of shore, then can you find the way across ocean

There is an artist lying deep in every young soul but only few are able to sustain this artist within as they grow up.

Either the day runs you or you run the day, the choice is yours.

The cruelest thing you can do to yourself is to limit yourself. You can go as far as your mind takes you beyond limits to your dreams.

 Life is not about merely surviving but it is about living it with passion, compassion, style and humor.
“A single person cannot help everyone but every person can rely help some other person.”
God gives trouble to only those whom he believe have the courage to overcome it.

The moments of your decision is what carves your destiny.

Words and ideas have the unimaginable strength of changing the world.

A shade upon someone somewhere is only because of the tree planted by someone in the past.

"Your present circumstances do not determine where you can reach, it only determines where from you start."


Often when we feel down or our mind gets clouded with looming personal problems, we search for some wisdom that can act as a ray of sunshine to help clear our minds and make it free from doubts. Such wisdom comes from the inspirational quotes given by great leaders, writers, politicians and other personalities who have struggled hard in their life to achieve their dreams.

Best Inspirational One-liners Quotes

Your destiny is only responsible for making you the person you always wanted to be.

If you go confidently in the direction of your dreams, then only you can live the life you im-agined for yourself. 

When one door of happiness closes the another one opens, but we keep staring at the closed door for so long that we never notice one that opened for us.

Beauty lies in anything and everything but not everyone is blessed with the sight to see it

When I let go the thought of what I want to be, I end up becoming what I might be

Life is not the measure of number of breaths we take, but truly it is the measure of number of moments that take our breath away.

Growing old is inevitable but doing so while living your dreams or living your fears is your choice.

Our life is made interesting by the challenges we face and it is made meaningful only when we overcome them.

You do not fail at something, you just figure out many new ways of doing that thing wrong.

Success is when a person wakes up at morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what we wants to do.

Famous Inspirational Quotes to Choose From

"A person is rich in a real sense if others run into his arms even when his hands are empty.
The speed with which you travel does not matter but the distance you travel is what really matters.

So seek the wisdom from these wonderful inspirational quotes and enjoy your life by giving it the worthy meaning it requires.
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